June 7th 2019

The Gerodontlogy Dentistry Association was held last weekend in Sendai.

Several dentists participating in the conference came from Taiwan. My associate Dr Lee from Taiwan presented a poster presentation. Dr. Lee spoke English so it was possible to exchange and communicate regarding dental practices in Taiwan and Japan. We both agreed meet again next year in Yokohama for the 2020 Gerodontlogy Association.

6月7日、8日と仙台で老年歯科医学会が開催され、参加してきました。数名の歯科医師が台湾から学会発表で参加されていてDr Leeとは、発表内容だけではなく、台湾の歯科医師会の状況を日本と比較して情報交換をする事が出来とても貴重な時間を過ごす事が出来ました。最後に来年の老年歯科医学会が横浜で開催されることから横浜での再会を約束して別れました。

Thursday, June 6

This year, we held the first party between hearing patients and the Takahashi Dental Clinic staff.

We invited four of our hearing impaired patients and exchanged sign languages while having a party. Time flew, 2 hours went by in no time. Definitely, I’m planning to hold a second exchange party sometime around September.

Mr. Yamamoto, Mr. and Mrs. Wada, Mr. Takahashi from Hiratsuka Thank you all very much for joining us here at the first Takahashi Dental Clinic party!