Our clinic has three large air purifiers for medical treatment that remove all viruses in the waiting room, treatment room, private operational room .


We also replace disposable plastic gowns for each patient.








We have prepared a transparent shield to protect the reception area as of today.

All panels of the dental care units are now covered with a disposable shield and are replaced on a patient-by-patient basis.





Measures against infectious diseases of the new coronavirus at our clinic.

If you have a fever (over 37.5 ° C) and respiratory symptoms, and have contact with those who have fever or respiratory symptoms, please refrain from medical treatment.

Please contact the receptionist before consultation if applicable.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



“Micro-plastic problem on Kugenuma beach‼️”

My friend @onedropjapan and I picked up trash on the Kugenuma beach .

I have be going plogging (Plogging is a combination of jogging with picking up litter )along with my dog!


Hsiu-Yueh Liu (Assistant professor of Department of Oral Hygiene Kaohsiung Medical University) participated from Taiwan and made a presentation about oral care for schizophrenic patients.

I got very valuable information from her.

Thank you!

Today I participated in the final round of the 2019 Ocean Swim Tournament. It was nice to be able to swim 3 kilometers safely.

Please check out my videos below.



I attended the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology 2019 on September 20th. I listened to a lecture by Prof. Lars Sennerby of Gothenburg University in Sweden.

The second meeting with my dental clinic staff and 5 hearing impaired people was held with lunch in September!
The staff could learn various sign languages ​​from deaf people for about 3 hours and we had productive time. I really appreciate the five hearing impaired people who came.The next time is scheduled around December.






June 7th 2019

The Gerodontlogy Dentistry Association was held last weekend in Sendai.

Several dentists participating in the conference came from Taiwan. My associate Dr Lee from Taiwan presented a poster presentation. Dr. Lee spoke English so it was possible to exchange and communicate regarding dental practices in Taiwan and Japan. We both agreed meet again next year in Yokohama for the 2020 Gerodontlogy Association.

Thursday, June 6

This year, we held the first party between hearing patients and the Takahashi Dental Clinic staff.

We invited four of our hearing impaired patients and exchanged sign languages while having a party. Time flew, 2 hours went by in no time. Definitely, I’m planning to hold a second exchange party sometime around September.

Mr. Yamamoto, Mr. and Mrs. Wada, Mr. Takahashi from Hiratsuka Thank you all very much for joining us here at the first Takahashi Dental Clinic party!