Our Clinic’s Music is by Akiko Hori

Akiko Hori | Composer Producer of Japanese Modern Classical Music

For the past year at Dental Kugenuma we have been playing the calming music from “Shonan Twilight by Shonan, Japan composer Akiko Hori. Many of my patients have told me that the music is much different from the average Japanese clinic. The music has a relaxing effect when a patient is waiting for their appointment to begin.

About “Shonan Twilight”

“Shonan Twilight” is a beautifully composed and arranged Neo Classical Music Japanese Fusion production from Akiko Hori.

Akiko is pleased to introduce to you 20 original Neo Classical tracks ( more than 2 hours of listening pleasure ). Each track with its own Japanese personality.

“Shonan Twilight” was recorded at 70 beats per minute. The same as a human’s heart beat, a gentle, calming and relaxing nature. “Shonan Twilight” has no international barriers, anyone who enjoys a Steinway piano accompanied by a cello, violin and double bass will find “Shonan Twilight” enjoyable. We believe “Shonan Twilight” would be an excellent addition to your Neo Classical Music collection or other genres as; Japanese Fusion or Contemporary Piano music”.

I would strongly recommend this collection of calming music for all those who are currently experiencing a high stress environment.

Please visit Akiko Hori’s website learn more about this wonderful Japanese Composer and to purchase her music. Also if you wish to buy her double CD Shonan Twilight please contact me.

Thank you

Doctor Takahashi