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It’s not all just Dental business, we also have like to post about our beachside community Kugenuma Kaigan.


Takahashi Dental and community news!

I found Takahashi Dental a few years ago and have been very pleased with their services and treatment. Last year I had made the decision to remove all of my metal fillings and replace them with ceramic. Dr. Takahashi was awesome! Painless and outstanding quality and I would recommend without question.

As a public person I have to take care of my health. Dr. Takahashi and his staff have been wonderful to me over the years. I have regular cleaning and yearly cosmetic treatments keeping my health first rate. A big THANK YOU to Takahashi Dental!

For many years I had difficulty finding a good dentist that could speak English. Because of this I would usually only get my teeth looked at when I travelled back to Czech Republic. After discovering Takahashi Dental my life changed for the better. Now I regularly visit the clinic for cleaning and maintaining good oral health. I recommend Takahashi Dental to all my friends!

Safety for all at our clinic

We have prepared a transparent shield to protect the reception area as of today. All panels of the dental care units are now covered with a disposable shield and are replaced on a patient-by-patient basis.     …


本日から受付を守るために透明のシールドを準備しました 歯科治療ユニットの全てのパネルは、ディスポーザルのシールドでカバーし、患者さんごとに交換を行なっておりま…

COVID-19 Infection Controls

Here at our dental clinic as a precaution for our patients, we are now wearing protective gowns, caps, face masks, goggles and gloves this is for all dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants. During treatments, as an extra safety…



Coronavirus update

Measures against infectious diseases of the new coronavirus at our clinic. If you have a fever (over 37.5 ° C) and respiratory symptoms, and have contact with those who have fever or respiratory symptoms, please refrain from medical treatment. Please…


新型コロナウィルスの感染症対策について 発熱(37.5℃以上) かつ呼吸症状有している方や 発熱及び呼吸症状を有している方と接触のあった方は、診療をご遠慮頂いております…