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It’s not all just Dental business, we also have like to post about our beachside community Kugenuma Kaigan.


Takahashi Dental and community news!

I found Takahashi Dental a few years ago and have been very pleased with their services and treatment. Last year I had made the decision to remove all of my metal fillings and replace them with ceramic. Dr. Takahashi was awesome! Painless and outstanding quality and I would recommend without question.

As a public person I have to take care of my health. Dr. Takahashi and his staff have been wonderful to me over the years. I have regular cleaning and yearly cosmetic treatments keeping my health first rate. A big THANK YOU to Takahashi Dental!

For many years I had difficulty finding a good dentist that could speak English. Because of this I would usually only get my teeth looked at when I travelled back to Czech Republic. After discovering Takahashi Dental my life changed for the better. Now I regularly visit the clinic for cleaning and maintaining good oral health. I recommend Takahashi Dental to all my friends!

36th Japanese Society for Disability & Oral Health

Hsiu-Yueh Liu (Assistant professor of Department of Oral Hygiene Kaohsiung Medical University) participated from Taiwan and made a presentation about oral care for schizophrenic patients. I got very valuable information from her. Thank…

Took part in the 2019 Open Water Race

Today I participated in the final round of the 2019 Ocean Swim Tournament. It was nice to be able to swim 3 kilometers safely. Please check out my videos below.    

2019 オープンウォーター大会に参加


Japanese Society of Oral Implantology

I attended the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology 2019 on September 20th. I listened to a lecture by Prof. Lars Sennerby of Gothenburg University in Sweden.

Lars Sennerby

9月20日から日本口腔インプラント学会に出席して来ました。スウェーデンのイエテボリ大学のLars Sennerby 教授の講義を聴くこどが出ました。

Our second hearing impaired party!

The second meeting with my dental clinic staff and 5 hearing impaired people was held with lunch in September! The staff could learn various sign languages ​​from deaf people for about 3 hours and we had productive time. I really appreciate…